Solar Pool Heating System Installation!

Tired of spending money every month to keep your pool heated?

Tired of not being able to keep your pool heated enough to swim during the fall months?


The answer is a solar pool heating system. These systems will keep your pool heating during the summer months as needed and have the potential to extend your pool swimming time by months. Contact us for a site analysis to determine your pool heating needs.


Solar Electric System Installation!

Tired of loosing power when there is an outage?

Have systems you require up and running 24/7?


Photovoltaic solar electric systems can provide you with the power to stay operating when the power grid lets you down. Throw in a battery backup system and you are extra covered during hours of limited or no sunlight. Contact us for a site analysis to determine if your home is suitable for a solar electric system.


Solar Domestic Water Heating System Installation!

The largest expense for most residential homes when it comes to their electric bill is the water heater. There are many small energy efficiency things that can be done to lower that bill but it still remains the largest energy expense in a home. A solar water heating system will replace your electric heater with a solar thermal heating system.


These systems are more expensive but remove your electric charges due to the use of an electric water heater. A solar water heating system comprises of 1 or 2 panels on the roof and a solar water heater with a heat exchanger in place of your traditional electric water heater.


To get more information on rather a solar wather heating system suits your home or business contact us.


Solar Maintenance Made Easy!

Prevention Plus, is our trademarked solar energy maintenance program. When you sign up to this annual program you get reduced system maintenance costs and guaranteed service.

Solar Training Image
Prevention Plus
™is an exclusive Sun Pirate Program for energy system maintenance

Our Achievements

Sun Pirate Solar Contracting Achievements
  • NABCEP Certified Solar Thermal Installer
  • 30 Years Of Experience
  • BBB Accredited

These our some of our most recent achievements related to our solar contracting.